What Is Target Card Balance and Benefits?

There has been a brand built by Target on a simple premise, high and goods quality for low prices. It is a simple commitment for quality and value which has led to their rise as one of the US. premier retailers, with a product catalog for matching. With over 1,700 Target stores in the US, Target Balance Gift Card is one of the most versatile and high-value rewards that an employee or customer can receive. From housewives to electronics, the target card empowers its recipient to buy whatever is most valuable to them. Geo-Targeted stands ready to help you manage, set up, and fulfill any kind of Target Gift Balance program.

Whether you need to search for customers, a bulk order, an employee loyalty program, or Target Gift Card distribution, you are in the right way. Target Gift Card Balance never expires and this can be used at their store location and for online order. they are on the perfect way to say thanks, great job, congrats, or (just because) with designs to every occasion.

How to Use Target Balance?

Note: Before Using the Target Gift Card You Need to Download Target Circle App From Store.

before purchasing a Target gift card from Target store. When you download the app, first you need to create an account, after that, you need to load that gift card into your Target Gift Card wallet.

Here is a simple way that how to pay in-store and how to load gift card from the target app:

  1. First sign in your Target Circle App, and press the "Wallet Icon" found on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Press and Add Payment, then choose Gift Cards.
  3. Go back to the Fluz App after that copy the Target card number.
  4. Back in the app, disregard the camera, scanning function then paste the card number beside the "+" sign.
  5. Go back to the Fluz App then copy the Pincode and paste that into the app.
  6. Finally, press and add.
  7. While checkout, you need to tell the cashier that you are paying with a Target gift card in the Circle App

How to Use It Online?

  1. Fill up your shopping gift card on the Target WebSite.
  2. At the checkout webpage, in step #3 Payment, select and Apply Target Card, make sure that checkbox has been ticked.
  3. Go back to the Fluz App then copy the card number and Paste to the Target Website.
  4. Go back, copy the PIN and Paste to the Target Website.
  5. Click to Continue with the checkout process.

To locate your Target cards in the Fluz App then go to the button of Menu on the top right, and click past purchases.

Check Your Target Gift Card Balance Online and Phone Service

Check Target Gift Card Balance On Website
  1. Visit Target Website. The website has a specifically devoted, which is allowing you to Check your Target Gift Card Balance, type your Target Card Details to check your Remaining Balance.
  2. Type the Card Number. When you visit the target website you will be shown two boxes to fill up, then you need to type your card number, 15 digit Target card number is under the card's barcode. After that, you need to type this number into the Box.
  3. Access Your Card Number. you need to type your access number in the second box and find your access number which is located directly in the card number, you need to Type the eight digit access number in the specified box.
  4. Click to Check Balance. After you type the Target card number & the access number into the boxes, You need to check that both numbers are correct or not. then you have to click on (check balance) to confirm the balance on your card. it will be automatically shown your Target Card Balance.
Target Check Gift Card Balance by Phone Call
  1. Cell Phone or Landline.If you don't want to go online to Check Target Gift Card Balance, You need to Call at 1-800-544-2943 Target Support line. Dialing this number takes you for an automated recording which allows you to Check Target Card Balance.
  2. Listen and Press 1 to Check Your Balance. Afet that Listen to the prompt and press 1 to Target Gift Card Balance Check, then a recorded voice will answer you to select an option, you have to press 1 to Check Target Gift Card.
  3. Punch in the 15-Digit Target Gift Card Number Listen to the prompt then type in your target card number when you are directed for doing so. Look at the back of your Target gift card to the number. The voice prompt will say to start the number with "04" and to hit the pound sign after the target card number.
  4. Enter Your Access Number. Keep listening to the prompt. if asked for your access number, type it using the numbers on your phone. The access number is an eight-digit code, which is located under the Target card number.
  5. Listen to Target Check Balance After following all the things which were requirements to enter the access number, the voice prompt will tell your Target Balance.