How to Check a Target Gift Card Balance

Target Gift Card - At a Glance

Target gift card is a trouble-free and functional gift to buy for various special events and occasions like birthdays, parties, or graduation. You may not know how to check target gift card balance if the value is not mentioned on the card, or if you have already utilized some of the amount. Check Balance on Target Gift Card online by accessing Target's website. They have a dedicated page particularly designed to Check Target Card Balance. Target also gives a computerized gift card support contact number, on which you can ask for Target Gift Card Check.
Gift cards are a convenient and useful alternative for cash when you want to make purchases or want to give a present to someone else. One can make the best use of physical gift cards in stores or online, while digital gift cards are curated to be used online or over the phone. One can easily add the digital gift cards to mobile wallets to buy or gift easily and securely.

It's imperative to check physical and e-gift cards for validation dates and/or fees if you wish to reload money to the card.

A target gift card is a type of digital payment that you can use to make purchases at retail stores, gas stations, hotels, and other locations. You can easily load money onto the card, which you or any recipient of the gift card can use at accepted locations.

Gift cards are similar to most consumers as an effortless, hassle-free way to give the gift of one's choice. But the utilization of these cards goes way ahead of department store checks during holiday time. Businesses these days use gift cards to employ, identify, and encourage employees; recompense workplace security; build relationships with prospective dealers and distributors; develop trade show traffic; and incite consumers to purchase their products.

Various studies point to the effectiveness of gift cards in attaining business results. Target gift cards have been shown to boost sales, enhance employee presentation and fabricate loyalty, foster teamwork, and welcome new markets, among others.

Gift cards provide various advantages over monetary benefits: These can be branded, tailored, and customized. And they proffer organizational benefits like usage tracking and a variety of deliverance options.

Target gift cards are the plastic cards that are built with a magnetic strip and/or bar code available with a dollar or point amount. Some gift cards can be reloaded (in which case they are sometimes recognized as debit cards); while others are not. They are usually available in two types: 1) those that are available with a major credit card brand and are usable at any merchant accepting the brand; and 2) merchant-specific cards, like those issued by prominent retailers. You can redeem these only at the issuing merchant.

Gift cards are designed with both "trophy" and "halo" value. They're symbols of completion that can be offered at an awards ceremony or included in a laudatory note or e-mail. And they construct a halo outcome: Employees are reminded of their attainments as they decide how to redeem the card, or when they get and utilize the merchandise or travel. There is also a chance to share the hassle-free and convenient experience with family by having them contribute in rewards like restaurants and travel. Unlike cash, employees are improbable to consider gift cards as reimbursement and thus do not begin to expect them.

Gift cards are used to distinguish individual or team milestones: months without injury or accident, abridged days off for infirmity or injury, following and documenting safety processes, or representing expertise of anticipatory practices and emergency preparedness.

Gift cards work greatly well for sales incentives. They're scalable—that is, accessible in different denominations—and thus flexible enough to recompense for any number of incremental sales. And unlike cash, which is a widespread and expected form of changeable reimbursement in this field, cards are considered as a one-time reward for an appreciable job.

Gift cards are available in two forms: open-loop or closed-loop. You can use an open-loop gift card anywhere that type of card is accepted. For instance, if you have a gift card that's Visa logo branded, you could use it to buy things or services anywhere Visa is accepted.

Here are some common and easy steps for you if you are wondering how I can check my target gift card balance.

Step 1: How to Check Balance Target Gift Card

Target's website provides its users with a specialized page particularly devoted to enabling them to perform Target Check Balance. You can visit at and fill in your gift card information to check the balance.

Step 2: Fill in the Card Number or Details.

When the website page loads, there will appear two boxes to type in. Take out your gift card and look at the back of this gift card. You will see the 15-digit card number under the card's barcode. Carefully look at the number and type the 15-digit number against the "card number" box. Type the number exactly it is, without forgetting the dashes. A pop up might ask you to scratch off a silver strip to unveil the card number and to perform Target Gift Card Balance Check.

Step 3: Fill in the Access Number.
The second available box on the Check Balance Target Gift Card page needs you to fill in the gift card's access number. Look for the access number located in your card directly available under the card number. Provide the eight digit access number against the specified box.

Step 4: Click the "Check Balance" Button.
After you fill in the card number and the access number against the dedicated boxes, make sure that both numbers are correct. Now click on "check balance" to confirm the target balance on your card. This will automatically reflect your balance.

How to Check Balance on Target Gift Card via Automated Phone Service

Step 1: Call 1-800-544-2943 on Your Landline or Cell Phone.
If you don't want to check your gift card balance online, you can easily call the Gift Card customer support. Dialing this number redirects you to an automated recording which enables you to check the card balance.

Step 2: Listen to the Prompt Carefully and Press 1 to Check Target Gift Card Balance.
When your call is in the process, a recorded voice will revert and give you different options. Your first option on the recorded call will be to press 1 if you want to check a Target Gift Card Balance.

Step 3: Dial in the 15-Digit Gift Card Number.
Now carefully listen to the prompt and fill in your card number when you are redirected to do so. Look at the back of your gift card to get the number. The voice prompt will ask you to begin the number with "04" and to access the pound sign after the card number.

Step 4: Dial in the Access Number.
Continue carefully listening to the prompt. If it asks for your card's access number, put the access number with the help of the numbers on your phone. If you are unable to locate access number, it is an eight digit code available under the card number.

Step 5: Listen to Check Target Card Balance.
After listening to and following the instructions for filling in the access number, the voice prompt will capture your gift card's ID numbers and help you with the gift card's balance. Once you get the balance on the voice recording, write it on the back of the card to help you later.